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Differentiate your business by empowering your customer service teams with insights across the unified platform.
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Empower your teams to solve customer challenges

Mission-critical customer data is available to all your teams, in real time, empowering them to have more relevant conversations that drive customer satisfaction and success.


Close customer support tickets and share mission-critical information across your organization faster than ever.


Get a timely read on current and historical customer status and spark more engaging, relevant conversations.


Empower internal teams with the customer data they need to perform their roles effectively.

Customer 360° View

Apply customer-related data from all touchpoints to develop a holistic view of your customer preferences and needs. 


Improve Support InsightsExperience Of Strength.

Analyze tickets by support channel and manage team output, schedules, and resources more proactively. Customizable dashboard cards and reports make it easy to track performance against KPIs in real time. And use Insightly to scan keywords and phrases in tickets to get even more insights from every single interaction to drive enhanced customer success and engagement.

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Enhanve Your Service Using Action-Driven UX and AI Tools

Boost your service efficiency using process-centric UX and embedded intelligence to simplify case classification.
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Boost Your Contact Center Efficiency withlive system.

Improve the efficiency of your contact center using Reddas service tools. Facilitate all contact center processes using low-code capabilities and intelligent tools for case management and Agent Desktop.

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Enhance Your Service Using Action-Driven UX And AI Tools

Boost your service efficiency using process-centric UX and embedded intelligence to simplify case classification and routing. Assist service agents during case resolutions by focusing their attention on vital, next best steps.

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Customer 360 Profile

Use Reddas to keep record of all your customer-related data.

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OmniChannel Service

Personalize your interaction with customers at everytouch point.

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Case Management

Take advantage of Reddas’s tools to effectively manage the entire case lifecycle

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Artificial Intellgience

Use Reddas’s AI to obtain the most up-to-date customer dataa

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Knowledge Base

Colect knowledge about all services and known errors in a unified knowledge base

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Chat Bots

Automate communication with customers in different languages 24/7

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Build Smarter Service With A Holistic Customer View

Improve your service delivery by having all customer-related data in a single place. Know everything about your end users and collaborate with them in every touchpoint of the service cycle.

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Experience Service and the unified platform

Help your agents drive customer satisfaction and keep commitments. Use the highly-visible SLA countdown and automated, custom reminders to return to tickets at just the right time.

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Easy for user to close tickets faster than ever with automated macros

Knowledge Base

Integrated knowledge articles, and access to full ticket history.

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