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The POS system with everything you need to sell in person, backed by everything you need to sell online.

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Modern POS software built for your business

Powerful POS

Turn any mobile device into a powerful point of sale. You can download the Shopify Retail POS app on to any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

Customize POS

Personalize your POS system to your business. Keep your most-used apps, discounts, and products at your fingertips so you can fly through checkout.

Integrated hardware

Get the perfect POS setup, whether you’re a pop up shop or a retail store. Shopify POS connects seamlessly with Shopify card readers and compatible hardware accessories.

Open API

It allows developers to build applications that can interface with the system or create new interfaces or applications on top of existing systems.

Power your retail business

Get the tools you need to run your retail store. Reddas POS ‘s all-in-one POS system comes with inventory tracking, staff management, and more.

Advanced inventory management

Generate purchase orders and transfer stock based on inventory forecasts and performance.

Custom staff permissions

Set permissions to control staff access in the POS system so you can delegate with peace of mind.

Seize more sales

Offer frictionless shopping experiences with a modern POS system that lets customers shop their way, from online to checkout line.

Browse in store, buy online

Email customers their in-store favorites, right from the POS system.

Buy online, pick up in store

Bring online customers in store and upsell at pickup.

Accept payments easily. Get payout instantly!

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The next big thing in digital money transfer!

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Secure payment

Easy and fast payment

Transfer money to bank account

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Bring them back

Turn one-time customers into lifetime fans with a point of sale system that supports your staff in creating meaningful customer relationships.

Offer personalized experiences with quick access to order history, lifetime spend, and more in the POS system.

Collect contact details and tailor marketing campaigns to share exclusive discounts and sneak previews.

Add loyalty apps to your POS system to reward customers for shopping with you, both in store and online.

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