How good payment solutions can help your business grow

As a small business owner, you may consider payment processing another line item on your operating costs. Think of it this way. For entrepreneurs, every platform, and every cost is an opportunity to expand. How? You can use payment processing beyond a simple way of doing business as part of your company’s growth strategy.

Payment solutions are a viable, yet relatively untapped path to do just that. Smart business owners are proactively using these payment tools at their disposal to enhance their business. The trick is not only choosing the right payment solution but also knowing how to effectively integrate it into your business’s growth strategy.

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Encash Payments in the Digital Era

The onset of a digital era has paved the way for e-commerce. The changing business landscape has ushered in a new age in the payments market. This has translated to the overall customer experience and significantly altered customer behavior and demands as well. The new-age customer expects seamless, quick, and personalized transactions, necessitating the need for more customer-centric payment models. As businesses operate to procure and retain customers, the only logical solution is to adapt to this new trend.

There has been a surge in innovative, non-banking payment methods that have completely changed the way customers experience payments. This strategy is especially viable in light of the recent pandemic, COVID-19, which is required minimum interaction and heightened digitization to hamper the spread of viruses via physical transactions. Since the exchange of currency has been known to spike the transmission of Coronavirus due to physical contact, e-money institutions and platforms are the need of the hour, as well as the future of doing business.

Image Description: Graph Showing Increase in Users of Mobile POS Payments Worldwide

The image above gives an insight into the global trends as mobile wallets become more convenient strategies that offer customers greater value. The amalgamation of customer demand, technological advancements, and market competition has boosted the electronic payment segments.

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Choosing the right platform

Customer retention is no easy feat. However, it is the key to ensuring your revenue experiences upward growth via customer loyalty and advocacy. To secure a major part of this, SMEs need to choose a payment platform that makes future purchases seamless for customers. The abandonment rate for online shopping carts is a whopping 69.57%. The reason cited behind this statistic is the complex checkout processes that confuse customers. This is where you make or break a sale!

Whether you operate an e-commerce store or wish to transfer your payments online, the perfect route is to choose the right payment processing center.

DECTA is a UK-based company that provides end-to-end payment processing services with more than 20 years of extensive experience in the field. Here are some of the key factors that make this the right choice for a wide range of companies and organizations.

Payment Acceptance

DECTA operates over a wide variety of payment options. It accepts not only the major cards but also the avenues that customers popularly use.

Avenue for Expansion

With its cutting-edge technology, DECTA can help companies expand globally, solve business problems, minimize risk, and reduce costs, all the ingredients for upward growth.

Trust & Payment Security

With a large portfolio of customers, DECTA ensures the security of payments that, in turn, gives their client’s customers peace of mind, spurring repeat purchases.

Flexibility & Innovation

DECTA stands out as the leading provider of tailored solutions that cater to each demand from potential clients. It provides merchants with three solutions of different complexity: payment link, payment gateway, and API. Let’s explore how each of these services can help a business grow.

Payment Link

A payment link is an innovative solution that DECTA provides to clients that wish to promulgate their business online without incurring the added cost of developing an online website store. Even if you operate on social media, you will need a platform to secure payments. This is where the payment link comes in.

In simple terms, a payment link is a hassle-free way to collect payment from customers outside of a traditional online purchase. A ‘pay now’ link is sent to customers via email or message. The customer can then fill in billing and shipping information, completing the transaction. DECTA allows you to accept online payments, the future of the business landscape. If you own a page selling shirts on Instagram or Facebook, or even if you have a physical store, DECTA allows you to accept payments online without the need for a website.

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is the simplest way for a business to acquire digital payments from its app or website. It seamlessly integrates with your online store, giving your customers an enhanced and easier payment experience.

DECTA gateway is the leading solution for merchants who want to sell their products and services online. This offers much more viability and functionality in comparison to the bank’s solutions as it can easily be integrated within popular e-commerce platforms like Magento, OpenCart, etc. DECTA Gate provides an easy-to-integrate module so that clients don’t have to use or require any programming skills.

With this, the client can accept payments with a secure payment gateway right on the website, and get complete access to a dashboard with analytics, invoices, and customized reporting to avoid any glitches. From ease in opening a merchant account to securing payments online, Decta offers hassle-free invoicing to record and oversee the flow of incoming funds for any business.

Application Programming Interface (API)

When operating an online store, clients may look towards popular e-commerce solutions like Magento, Woocommerce, and Opencart. However, when the business is big enough, it may be hampered by the limitations of these open-source platforms. This is where DECTA steps in, allowing a business to explore its potential by paving room for all possible customer project requirements in the automation of payments and operations.

Whether a business wants to develop its own proprietary custom-built e-commerce store or app, DECTA has an in-house API platform to implement these custom-made features. This is why DECTA is known far and wide for its innovative solutions to further the payment goals of businesses.

Benefits of choosing DECTA

By allowing you to accept payments practically anywhere and anytime, DECTA ensures your sales are not interrupted by unforeseen events like the current pandemic, where physical payments are difficult to procure.

Moreover, this makes the customer’s life simpler as cash is taking a backseat to online transactions. This also spurs potential for global sales as DECTA transcends geographical boundaries. You are at liberty to explore and tap international markets, allowing a whole new gateway of growth for your business.

It allows a business to progress with real-time transaction processing. DECTA is especially known for its easy report generation, mitigating the possibility of any discrepancy in payment. The platform is safe and secure, protecting merchants from misuse and swindles. While many companies don’t have the technical expertise to follow through with the procedure, DECTA provides 24/4 technical support to clients to help ease them into the process.

The DECTA payment gateway seamlessly integrates with channels like websites and mobile apps, the future of doing business in today’s day and age. Businesses can use DECTA’s API as the key to success for their business. It allows organizations to leverage this technology to increase their competitiveness.

As a business owner, it should be your top priority to make customer payments as efficient as possible. By making an informed decision in choosing the right payment processing platform like DECTA, you can easily expect your business to scale tenfold. Contact DECTA today to get free consultation for your e-commerce business.